Ben Needham's mother dropped by ITV's This Morning

The mother of Ben Needham who went missing on a Greek holiday 24 years ago has hit out at ITV claiming she was dropped from appearing on This Morning today in favour of segments on blinged up babies and having big breasts.

Twitter users were furious after Kerry Needham revealed she had been cut from today’s show, hosted by Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden, where she was due to talk about her son who vanished during a holiday to Kos in 1991 when he was just 21-months-old.

Her appearance would have come after she made a fresh and emotional plea on Greek TV last week for information that could lead her to her son.

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Kerry Needham, left, mother of Ben Needham, right, who went missing on holiday in Greece 24 years ago. She says she was dropped from appearing on ITV’s This Morning in favour of segments on blinged up babies

Supporters of the Find Ben Needham campaign took to Twitter to express their fury at Mrs Needham being dropped from today’s show.

Cheryl Moncrieffe posted: ‘Shameful treatment of Kerry Needham by This Morning!’


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Another user called Greasy Chip Butty said: ‘Kerry Needham has devoted 24 years of her life searching for Ben yet @itvthismorning can’t devote 24 minutes to her.’

While daftar judi slot online terbaik tweeted: ‘@itvthismorning Bigger Boobs …your editor certainly made a HUGE boob this morning dropping Ben Needham story.’ 

Supporters of the Ben Needham campaign took to Twitter to express their anger with ITV for dropping the interview with Kerry Needham on This Morning today 

Some viewers weren’t happy that instead the programme featured other segments, one about big breasts 

Another supporter vents her anger that the campaign to find Ben Needham wasn’t featured on the show this morning 

Appearing on This Morning today were segments on big breasts and blinged up babies. Pictured is mother Jerry Lee with blinged up daughter Valentino

Last week’s appeal on Greek television gave Mrs Needham fresh hope after a man came forward who believed he was her son.

However a DNA test proved he was an impostor. 

Since then Mrs Needham has conducted several interviews about the search to find Ben, including an appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier this week.

Mrs Needham says she was contacted by a researcher at This Morning and agreed to talk about the case today but this then changed.

‘I was furious. It was insulting. There was no explanation. There was nothing of any significance to have Ben’s story dropped.

‘It really upset me. If there had been some breaking news that needed to be aired I would have understood. I get how the media works. It just seemed unfair.’

Instead today’s programme featured interviews with mothers of blinged up babies, an interview with a man who said big breasts were the key to a happy relationship, nutrition tips and analysis of nurse Victorino Chua, who murdered and poisoned patients at Stepping Hill Hospital in Manchester.

Mrs Needham claims she only got a call this morni Ben was 21-months-old when he vanished in July 1991 after travelling to the island of Kos with mother Kerry and his grandparents.

His mother, sister Leighanna and grandmother Christine took part in the three-hour TV show on Friday.

While on TV, Ben’s mother said: ‘Please end the pain that my family is suffering. I know he’s out there somewhere. Please call the police and please put an end to this.’

Ben’s mother Kerry (left), sister Leighanna (centre) and grandmother Christine (right) made an emotional appeal aired on Alpha TV in Greece to find Ben

The show which is called Light At The End Of The Tunnel broadcasts to around 50 per cent of the average Greek TV audience and is about missing people, a police spokesman said. 

In January, South Yorkshire Police were granted £700,000 of Home Office funding to support the Greek authorities to continue to search for Ben.

The force asked for the financial help to follow up information the family believes has never been properly investigated. 

The Home Office backed a South Yorkshire Police operation in 2012 when land was excavated on Kos, near the farmhouse from where Ben went missing.

However, no trace of him has ever been found. 


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