Avoid Love Traps

In our life, blind spots always exist in our relationship.

We should notice them from other people early. Maybe, when it comes to our own, we seem to need some help. We also coast along for a while, even for years. It is supposed that your relationship is going to be good; suddenly, your lover walks out on you or decides to say breakup.

At that time, you will be shocked to the core and left wondering what you have done to improve your relationship better. Let's see how these love traps are and how to avoid them.

Blind Spots In Your Relationship

For us, Astrology and enlightenment of our charts is the best tool to aid in finding and working on our blind spots.

That is why you need to be aware of those aspects in which you were all too blissfully unaware. It also helps you reveal those blind spots in the relationship itself. Use the natal chart to get easy ways to find out how your shadow side is. Thanks to that, you can learn to read the entire upside down chart.

Terribly, people watch emotional movies and are attracted by unreal passions. Then, they forget their own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs projected on the surface of the time and space that create their circumstances, including their relationship. They cannot live with their reality when dipping into those unreal situations in the movies.

The way you think your lover dictates is the way he/she behaves to you. It is actually more complicated than that. Your partner can be an actor in one of your story lines in which you play the part of victim of love, the eternal seducer, the destroyer of love, and many others.

How To Avoid Blind Spots In Relationship

There 3 main points you should pay special attention to overcoming love traps:

To display your blind spots, you need to dip yourself deep into and locate stories and archetypes that shape your love life.

Pay attention to what archetypes you are acting in your relationship and observe moment by moment; especially, as things get difficulties, and find out what is going on with your love relationship. The clarity will provide understanding and guidance for healing. You must be honest with yourself or techisay ask someone who you can trust and let them tell you the truth about you.

Astrology and the astrological chart may help you uncover the main story lines that you are likely to adopt into your intimate relationship; hence, an in-depth knowledge of the chart also yields lots of secrets and other moments. Create new possible futures and potentials for you relationship and start living from that rather than from your old stories.

You can detach from a victim state into creative state, and then you can decide how you want things to pan out. Through the concentration and ability to nurture your love relationship along the right lines, you will find the inner peace and happiness.

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