Tardis stroller for the young ‘Doctor Who’ fan

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Gallifreyan babies will feel right at home in this Tardis pram.

Vanja Vinter

When Stockholm-based crafter and mother tweeted about her new “Doctor Who” craft — a for her newborn baby — fans wanted to know more.

Vinter, who has restored baby strollers in the past, was inspired by other fan-made Tardis crafts. “One day, I saw a bookcase or something someone had made into a Tardis and it just struck me that I should make one out of the pram I had at home,” Vinter told Crave.

“The exterior made out of faux leather in blue, white and black and the interior is a cotton fabric, which is an original design from online store Spoonflower by user Ineedewe,” Vinter told Crave. “It’s based on the Tenth Doctor’s Tardis and it’s actually called “

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The police call box sign on the stroller is hand-embroidered in cross-stitch and backstitch. “I created the pattern for the wording myself based on pictures and scaled it to fit,” Vinter told Crave. “They were then stitched on by hand, as well as the windows. There was a lot of pinning and re-pinning and some swearing.”

And yes, the stroller takes on Tardis-like dimensions. “I love when people notice that it’s bigger on the inside,” Vinter told Crave. “It never stops making me giggle.”

As a hot mom baby stroller, Vinter thinks it’s important for parents to teach their children about lessons learned in “Doctor Who.”

“The show shows a lot of tolerance — regardless of religion, sexuality and species — everyone functions together, well, mostly,” Vinter told Crave. “Humanity is one humanity, not humans of different origins bickering. I also love that it’s witty and funny in a way most shows aren’t anymore. It’s clever and makes you think.”

“Most of all, it lets you know that you matter,” Vinter added. “I think everyone at some point needs to hear that, even if it’s just from a TV show. Or as the Doctor said, ‘Nine hundred years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.'”

Every parent could use a stroller that’s bigger on the inside.

Vanja Vinter

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